STAND Student Activist Toolkit

The fight against Big Tobacco is a big job. But it only takes one voice to start something bigger. Want to know exactly what you can do and how to do it? Start by getting involved in your local STAND coalition. Then, pick your part, make a plan and take action. The resources below will help you and your coalition take a stand for the project that really matters to you.

Become a Youth Leader

Make your way to the top as a student leader with this helpful guide.

Grab your opportunity at leadership by becoming a student leader in your STAND coalition. This guide will give you tips on partnering with your coalition’s adult moderator to pick your part and figure out how you can start a project that really matters.

Guide to Youth & Adult Partnerships

Spot Tobacco in Your Community

Get the cold hard facts about how tobacco is harming your community.

Use this survey to learn about what’s actually going down in your community when it comes to using, selling and living among tobacco. Once you have the hard data, you’ve got your ammo to start a plan of attack and make some changes.

Community Policy Assessment Survey

Run a Team Building Workshop

Stand strong with your STAND coalition by leading a team building workshop.

Building a strong STAND coalition team is an important part of taking action for your cause—and it’s fun too! Try out this great workshop at your next meeting to learn how to work better with other student and adult leaders. An awesome team will help you get the most done.

Youth Workshop for Working with Adults

Knock Your Socks Off

A fun workshop that will teach you everything you need to know about activism.

Bring this workshop to your STAND coalition meeting to show off your leadership skills and get others talking about what activism really looks like. It’s fun, simple and a great way to get everyone involved in your cause.

Knock Your Socks Off Workshop

Get Ways to Take Action

Use these real examples of how to do something big for your community.

Plan a Great Butt Out Clean-Up Day for your neighborhood. Write a letter to the editor. Petition lawmakers. Take photos. Make a big deal for your cause. This guide gives you lots of ideas for things you can do in your community to make a change and get people to notice.

Operation Tobacco Free Parks & Trails


Get more Tobacco Facts