Stories of Deception

The Tobacco Industry is Armed and Dangerous. And Their Target is You.

Tobacco companies spend more than $27 million every single day to go after customers they feel are the most profitable and most easily persuaded. Some of the groups they go after are teens, the homeless, people with behavioral health issues, LGBTQ communities and African Americans. The tobacco industry uses devious tactics to do this, from packaging that looks like candy for kids to ads that use stereotypes to make smoking look cool.

You Don’t Have to Take It. You Can Take a STAND.

STAND and Spot127—an innovative center where Phoenix high school students learn state-of-the-art skills in digital media, radio and journalism—have partnered up to help teens just like you tell stories about the impact of tobacco in our communities.

Check out the current featured stories above to learn how you can fight back against the tobacco industry.


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